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E-M:/ EDS-Romulus Disposal Well Comment Extended

               U.S. EPA REGION 5 NEWS RELEASE

CONTACT: Phillippa Cannon, (312) 353-6218

For Immediate Release
No. 03-OPA148

EPA offers more time for comments on EDS wells

CHICAGO (Sept. 8, 2003) -- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5
has announced that, because of a new development, it is providing more
time to comment on its proposed decision to grant Environmental Disposal
Systems Inc. (EDS) an exemption from federal restrictions on the land
disposal of hazardous waste for two injection wells in Romulus, Mich.

About two weeks after the formal public comment period closed May 16, the
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality issued a permit allowing
Sunoco Partners Marketing and Terminals L.P. to extract fluid from the Mt.
Simon formation. This is the same geologic formation that EDS plans to use
to contain injected hazardous waste. The planned Sunoco well would be
one-half mile from the EDS wells. When EPA proposed to grant an exemption
to EDS, MDEQ had previously denied Sunoco's permit, so EPA did not
consider the effects of an extraction well.

EPA will accept written comments until Oct. 6, although comments must be
limited to the effect of the new state permit to Sunoco for an extraction
well.  EPA will respond to all comments, including those previously
submitted, when it issues a final determination on the matter.  Comments
should be sent to: Charles T. Elly, Branch Chief, Underground Injection
Control Branch, U.S. EPA (WU-16J), 77 W.Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604
or e-mailed to elly.charles@epa.gov.

Additional information concerning the basis for reopening the comment
period is available at
www.epa.gov/region5/water/uic/pubpdf/eds_extension.pdf. It is also
available at Eshelman Library, Henry Ford Community College, 501
Evergreen, Dearborn; Romulus Public Library, 11121 Wayne Road; and Taylor
Community Library, 12303 Pardee Road.

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