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The Bush administration's efforts to silence protesters, as was tried in Monroe, appears to be quite illegal . . .

A judge in Philadelphia has issued a restraining order requiring the Secret Service to allow government critics to demonstrate peacefully as close as supporters.

Lawsuit Criticizes Secret Service
Anti-Bush Protesters Are Kept at Bay, Advocacy Groups Say
By Carol D. Leonnig
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, September 24, 2003; Page A27

The Secret Service has helped keep Bush administration critics far from the center stage -- and television cameras -- at rallies and events where President Bush and high-ranking federal officials appeared, according to a federal lawsuit filed yesterday.

. . .

"Allowing a guy with a sign that says 'I Love Bush' to stand up close, while forcing the guy with a sign that says 'Bush, Go Home' to stand around the corner, is obviously unconstitutional and is becoming a pattern and practice of the Secret Service," said Arthur Spitzer, legal director of the ACLU's Washington office. "The Bush administration has exceeded all past administrations in controlling camera angles and the public impression of the presidency."

. . .

The judge in Philadelphia that day issued a restraining order requiring the Secret Service to allow government critics to demonstrate peacefully as close as supporters.


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When environmental and labor activists assembled to protest
the Bush appearance in Monroe, they were apparently told by the
Monroe City Police that they could not assemble for the protest,
according to protest sponsors.   They were nevertheless able to
get a site far away from the Bush entourage route at a private

Information below shows that this is not an isolated event and that
protestors at other locations are being subjected to similar treatment,
including other environmental protestors at Bush visits.




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