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E-M:/ NYTimes.com Article: Amnesty Plan on Pollution From Animal Farms

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne M. Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>

In the New York Times reporting of the EPA's deal letting the CAFO
industry off the hook entirely for air pollution violations for an
indefinite period of time, we get another example of the "black = white"
double-speak of the Bush Administration:

"Lawyers at the agency say that universal amnesty is the most efficient
way to create a system of pollution controls." 

Wow!  Let's improve enforcement of the speeding laws by giving amnesty
for all speeders in the future who pay an advance fee for immunity!!
This is a great strategy!!  How about fraud??  For a million bucks, we
guarantee we will not send you to jail for stealing your company blind,
at least until or unless we get some rules in place, for which we have
no deadline and, possibly no intention of actually making happen. And,
by the way, we'll let YOU folks do the monitoring to determine how you
are violating the law in order to develop the regulations. The next
phrase in the story -- 

"Industry groups say that enforcement has been haphazard and that the
lack of standards means that factory farms have no idea whether or not
they are in compliance with the Clean Air Act."

Now that is odd -- there has been virtually NO enforcement of air
quality regulations anywhere against CAFOs until recently because the
CAFO industry has been pretty darn successful at being exempt from air
regulations anywhere.  That's why the California story I posted earlier
this week was a story at all.  If the EPA were instead to begin to treat
this industry like all others, MAYBE they would get the predictability
they want -- along with some enforcement action and requirements to
follow the laws that apply to everyone else in the world.  

What a novel concept, apparently beyond the reach of the Bush
Administration and the CAFO purveyors. 

See the NY Times article link below --


Amnesty Plan on Pollution From Animal Farms

September 25, 2003

A policy under consideration would allow industrial-size
farms to avoid federal lawsuits by paying a penalty and
helping to finance a program to monitor air quality.



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