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E-M:/ New Yorker reports Bush visit to Monroe

Enviro-Mich message from Tom & Anne Woiwode <woiwode@voyager.net>

New Yorker Magazine's exceptional reporter Elizabeth Kolbert writes in this
week's issue about the Bush environmental record.  Here is how she starts
the piece:  

Issue of 2003-09-29
Posted 2003-09-22

Each year, the Detroit Edison plant in Monroe, Michigan, burns roughly eight
million tons of coal. That is enough to generate electricity for three
million homes and also to make the plant one of the nationıs most
extravagant polluters. In 2001, the last year for which complete data are
available, Monroeıs smokestacks emitted, among other things: more than a
hundred thousand tons of sulfur dioxide (the principal pollutant in acid
rain), nearly forty-six thousand tons of nitrous oxide (the chief ingredient
of smog), and seventeen and a half million tons of carbon dioxide (the major
culprit in global warming). Widely accepted statistical models project that
the plant will cause some three hundred premature deaths annually, from
ailments like lung disease and stroke. All of which makes President Bushıs
visit to Monroe last week to tout his latest air-quality initiatives either
horribly ill-advised or, if you prefer, perversely appropriate.
Go to the New Yorker on line for the full piece:

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