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Re: E-M:/ Ice Mountain Environmental Terrorism

Enviro-Mich message from Lou Novak <lmn@lppals.com>

Marc Groenleer wrote:

> The silence has been deafening.

[migreens] [Release]      Greens Deplore Threat of Violence -- For or To  Environment

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                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 
                          September 25, 2003 
For More Information Contact: 
Marc Reichardt -- Party Chair, GPMI 
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    e-mail:   chair@migreens.org 
Lou Novak -- Chair/Water Working Group, GPMI 
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John Anthony La Pietra -- Media Committee, GPMI 
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    >>       Greens Deplore Violence --- For or To the Environment       << 
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    >  Pumping-Plant Threat Would Have Been Avoided if Governor Granholm  < 
    >   Had Acted on AG Granholm's Opinion, Stopped Nestlé/Ice Mountain   < 
    >                                                                     < 
    >   Greens Working in Statewide Alliances for People's Water Rights   < 
    >       During 2003 -- UN's "International Year of Fresh Water"       < 
    Violence done to the environment does not excuse violence done "for" 
the environment. 
    That was the gist of a statement issued today by the Green Party of 
Michigan (GPMI) deploring the recent threat of violence against a plant 
in Mecosta County pumping water to be bottled as the Nestlé Corporation's 
Ice Mountain brand. 
    GPMI has publicly and actively supported the efforts of grassroots 
groups -- including Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation (MCWC) and the 
Sweetwater Alliance -- to stop Nestlé's extraction of water from the Lake 
Michigan watershed.  Boycotts and protests of Ice Mountain are taking place 
across the state.  MCWC's lawsuit against Nestlé Waters North America has 
been heard in Mecosta County Circuit Court, and a request for an injunction 
to limit pumping is under consideration. 
    Water issues have been a focus for GPMI all this year -- which the UN 
has declared an International Year of Fresh Water.  Notes Jo Anne Beemon, 
elected as a Green to be Charlevoix County's drain commissioner:  "The issue 
of who owns Michigan's water -- who has the right to use it, or take and 
sell it -- will become more and more critical as the world's water supplies 
of clean, fresh water disappear." 
    However, news reports of incendiary devices being found at the pumping 
facility, and claims of responsibility by the Earth Liberation Front, have 
diverted attention from the central issue of the situation -- the harm done 
to the present and future environment of the area and the state by Nestlé's 
diversion and extraction of water. 
    "Non-violence is a key principle of the Green Party . . . one of its 
Four Pillars," reads the statement.  "GPMI opposes the threat of violence 
to property -- even if that threat is packaged with a claim to be defending 
the environment -- as we oppose violence done to the environment in the 
name of profiteering on public resources and rights. 
    "However, we sympathize with the declared goal of the action -- to stop 
the privatization and commodification of water, one of the basic necessities 
of life itself, and thus an internationally recognized human right." 
    And the party applauds the many "non-violent efforts" to shut down the 
Ice Mountain extraction . . . "from letter-writing to peaceful rallies to 
boycotts to the work of Native Americans and environmental groups through 
the court system to shut down the Ice Mountain extraction." 
    GPMI has been involved in the Sweetwater Alliance's efforts to save 
Michigan water and Michigan's people from profiteering -- in Mecosta County 
and in the Detroit metro area.  Upcoming activities include a "Water Hearing" 
in Highland Park at 6pm on Wednesday, October 1 at Woodward and California. 
Residents are encouraged to come to the event "and tell the Highland Park 
city council and the state adminstrators why they should enact a moratorium 
on water shut-offs and return power to the residents." 
    Lou Novak, who heads GPMI's Water Working Group, agrees.  "It is 
unfortunate when citizens resort to acts of destruction to accomplish 
what they haven't accomplished through the democratic process.  As the 
issue of water in this, the Great Lakes State, grows larger, our elected 
leaders will have to step up and do the right thing." 
    The party's statement also points out that the incident could have 
been avoided:  ". . . there would have been no target for violent action 
if Governor Granholm had listened to Attorney General Granholm's opinion 
declaring the Nestlé/Ice Mountain extraction plant an 'export and diversion' 
of Great Lakes waters -- and subject to being shut down by a stroke of 
the governor's pen." 
    As Jim Moreno, Michigan Green and Mount Pleasant city commissioner 
(elected in a non-partisan race) puts it:  "If governments were more 
responsive to the will of their constituents and if Governor Granholm kept 
her pre-election promise to shut this illegal plant down none of this would 
have happened.  The timing of this incident strikes me as very suspicious 
since it seemed that the court case was going good for the side of the 
people's water." 
    For information on MCWC, including status reports on the court case, 
please visit: 
    For information on GPMI, please go to the Green Party's Web site: 

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