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...no island is a Refuge

I just returned from the opening dedication ceremonies at Erie Metro Park where BASF, Ford Motor Company, the Auto Alliance, Monsanto and DTE among others sponsored a dedication ceremony for a wildlife refuge corridor to extend from Lake St Clair to the Maumee R along the Michigan shoreline.  It was a wonderful display of one sided speeches dedicated to preserving an environmentally friendly image before the news media represented by Devon Scillion and his cameraman Ken who MC'ed the affair.

Present also was Congressman John Dingell ( a man dedicated to conservation and ecology) who with a straight face introduced Interior Secretary Gail Norton.  Mentioned were her duties concerning the NPS, BLM and conservation..neglected was any mention of the BIA.  I yelled out a loud "BOO" at her introduction.  The chief of the Anderdon Band who offered the opening prayer quickly sidled away from me.  When she spoke glowingly of preservation in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge, I was gagging too hard to listen any further.
Carefully omitted from this dedication ceremony was any mention of the fact that its sponsors were the major companies of the region responsible for the legacy (and ongoing) pollution problems.  DTE alone emits over several hundred pounds of mercury a year into the Lake Erie watershed, BASF has been cited numerous times for illegal pollution discharges, and Solutia (a subsidiary of Monsanto) needs no elaboration.

I spoke with the Stacy from the drum invited by DTE from Walpole Island and suggested perhaps it would be fitting to play the AIM flag song.  I really hate to see our people used  for display purposes for this kind of  media display.  It hurts.  When the speeches ended the drum was totally ignored and were left to wander around looking at each other.  They carefully re-wrapped the drum.

Wildlife refuges certainly photograph well and showcase what could be, however, no refuge is an island safe from the polluters upstream or upwind.  In the global scheme of things, no island is a refuge.

I introduced myself to Devon Scillion and left him with those words...no island is a refuge, and until it is acknowledged by all that there is no such thing as a pristine wildlife refuge on FERMI2 property, or safe spawning ground off Zug Island for sturgeon these polluters will continue to shine their images with displays such as this one today. 

{NOTE:  One lone man wore a sign attached to his back speaking against his charade.  He was forced to station himself at the entrance to the metro park over a quarter mile from the ceremonies.  I believe he was moved there at the time I arrived, as he was heading into his vehicle when I passed him} 
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