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E-M:/ "The Press"

I have frequently criticized the local press, especially the Monroe Evening News and the Ann Arbor News.
I have singled out these papers as they are the two papers that fully represent the local news for my area.  Over the many years that I have been active as an environmentally concerned individual, I have noted the "bias" that these two papers put forth as "the news".  The distortions and absence of reporting has been very disconcerting (and I am being very polite).
Earlier this evening, we all saw the post by David Brooks, and earlier today, the post by Jerry Renning.  Mr. Brook's post related his attempt to express his dissent at a public GW meeting, where the "police" ushered him offsite before the event.
Subsequently, here is my email message to the editor of the Monroe Evening "News"  (Deborah Saul):
"I don't suppose that the systematic repression at the national level of contrary views is something that the Monroe Evening News finds newsworthy.  BTW, I found the article last week glorifying Douglas Darling completely disgusting, but well in line with your usual coverage of what you call news."
Later tonight, the Monroe Evening News went to print with the following:
Most of the article was spent applauding the efforts on increasing Conservation per the many quotes of the Bush administration representative.
Specifically, here is what they reported regarding Mr. Brooks:
"There was one protester carrying a sign denouncing the Bush administration policy toward the environment. The protester left before the end of the program."
This would suggest that no one cared about the event, and the one who cared wasn't very committed.
Whereas it may be accurate that there was only one protester (and I don't know whether this is true), where does it say that this protestor was given the bum's rush offsite by the "Bush police"?  Although the Monroe press may have been ignorant of the facts, that has become a very tiresome "excuse".  You can be sure that they will not print a clarifying article that reflected what really happened.  That's just not their style.