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Re: E-M:/ Gale Norton's Visit to LEMP

Enviro-Mich message from "Mary La France" <mlafrance@sbcglobal.net>

I too was at the Refuge Celebration and just about choked when the DTE guy
was talking about how their company has cleaned up the environment, in spite
of the fact that we still have 5 or so dirty coal burning power plants in
the region and one with big red and white smoke stacks in the Trenton
Channel right next to Humbug Marsh and the Refuge future HQ.

However, don't bite the hand that feeds you . . .

In the end consumers still drive the marketplace and we all use electricity
(unless you're Amish). We need to get consumers to be more conscious of
their energy consumption and how to reduce waste, by energy efficiency. We
need to start supporting industries that generate solar power, wind power,
etc. and get local governments to allow construction of these. It was a nice
windy day at Erie Metropark, perfect place for a wind turbine.

It's a fine line we environmentalists have to walk to encourage polluting
industries to do the right thing, and even a baby step in the right
direction is better than nothing. Corporate environmental stewardship is
still a novel idea. Some enviros may see stunts like donating 600 acres of
land to the Refuge as greenwashing or laundering money, but the corporations
are the ones with the cash to effect change the fastest.

Free Speech Zones . . .

Regardless, the opposing viewpoint should have been allowed to be heard and
it's aggravating that free speech now has a free speech zone whenever
Dubya's entourage comes to town. Because every environmental issue is also a
political issue, there has to be more discussion here on enviro-mich about
the fascist behavior of the federal government and hired corporate police
brigades to beat down the dissidents.

Back during the last presidential election campaign, a civil rights activist
named Granny D was arrested in the Whitehouse for reciting the constitution
aloud. She walked across the United States to get there, as symbol of Civil
Liberties, so they knew she was coming to visit and busted her. This was
before the homeland security act and way before 9/11 occurred. Clinton was
still in office.

I agree below with Rane to have the media present when you do an action. You
must initiate the invitation, mention the fact that there will be good
visuals, and have your lawyer's phone number handy.

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