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E-M:/ New Book titled "Honoring Our Detroit River, Caring for Our Home"

A new book has just been released about the Detroit River.  This book, titled "Honoring Our Detroit River, Caring for Our Home" shares the unique environmental history of the Detroit River.  Human activities have had substantial impact on the Detroit River, including devastation of the American beaver population, water borne disease epidemics, oil pollution, eutrophication, the Mercury Crisis, PCB contamination, loss of habitat and biodiversity, and much more.  However, considerable progress has been made and yet more needs to be done to rehabilitate and protect this ecologically-significant resource.  "Honoring Our Detroit River, Caring for Our Home" shares the Detroit River's unique environmental stories, highlights the river’s significant progress and challenges, and calls for people to care for it as their home.
“This compilation of essays moves the reader and motivates desire for the restoration and protection of the mighty Detroit River. The rich history, sociology, politics and natural environment set the stage for a better understanding of the undeniable potential of the rivers that bring us our lifeblood.”
                                                        Gail Krantzberg, Director, Great Lakes Regional Office of the International Joint Commission
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John Hartig