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E-M:/ HUMBUG MARSH in the press.....




5.5 Years ago TPL stood up and said they'd take on this war....Thank You Trust for Public Land for staying the course and saving our Humbug Marsh!  What battles we fought! and what a well deserved victory!   We couldn't have done it without you TPL!!!

Without clever and unrelenting leadership of Congressman John Dingell we would have been lost.  To Peter Stroh, our dear friend who passed on last year.  I wish you could have been here. 

To the Friends of the Detroit River...I still love spaghetti even after all those dinners...thanks for keeping it on the front burner and never giving up the fight!

Dr. John Hartig, the Greater Detroit American Heritage River Initiative & MAC, Patricia Hartig, Dr. Bruce Jones, Don Griffin, Blair McGowan, George Mans, Jeanine Ansley, now State Rep Kathleen Law, Sam Washington & the MUCC, Andy Buchsbaum & NWF, the Sierra Club, Detroit Audubon, Ducks Unlimited, Ford Motor Company, CS Mott Foundation and the Michigan DNR, who had the guts to stand up and refute another Michigan agency's decision - You're the greatest!
To the thousands who stood up and stood firm, the countless individuals, organizations and agencies across Michigan who actively supported saving Humbug Marsh...
See!  a few concerned citizens did make a difference!

Celebrate this victory also knowing that the Army Corps of Engineers-Detroit District enforced the law, they stood their ground under extreme scrutiny and nature scored one over "progress" thanks to the Corps.  They are to be congratulated.

WE DID IT! So take a moment to reflect back and be proud, for future generations will now enjoy ....It is more than a marsh...It is the symbol of the future, one of renewal and a new direction on our Detroit River....