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Re: E-M:/ 10/2/03 Lansing State Journal story Links eco-terrorism with 'anti-...

Who is Ron Arnold?

We know he was a key source in the
Lansing State Journal's front page article of October 2, 2003 red-baiting those environmentalists who are anti-capitalist. And we know he's Executive Vice President of the group called Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise (ironically a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

What you may not know is that he is a former consultant for Dow Chemical and was an Advisory Board Member for the National Federal Lands Conference, a property rights group which has hosted Posse Comitatus figure Eugene Shroeder and holocaust denier Eustace Mullins. According to the CDFE web page, "Ron wrote the authorized biography of James Watt and his tenure as Secretary of the Interior (At the Eye of the Storm: James Watt and the Environmentalists)." He's also a leader in the Wise Use movement, which argues stronly against the kind of Land Use initiative being advocated by Governor Granholm. See his essay outlining their beliefs at:

I think that EMers will be interested in Mr. Arnold's views on environmentalism,in general, given that the Gannett-owned Lansing State journal thinks so highly of him. (This information is courtesy of CLEAR, the
CLearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research, an anti-anvironmentalist watchdog group, supported, in part, buy the Tides Foundation. See:

Notable Quotes by Ron Arnold, the
Lansing State Journal's key front page source::

"We want to destroy environmentalists by taking away their money and their members."
- Ron Arnold, The New York Times, December 19, 1991, "Fund Raisers Tap Anti- Environmentalism."

"We want you to be able to exploit the environment for private gain, absolutely... And we want people to understand that it is a noble goal."
- Ron Arnold, The Toronto Star, December 21, 1991. "A Grinch Who Loathes Green Groups."

"We are sick to death of environmentalism and so we will destroy it. We will not allow our right to own property and use nature's resources for the benefit of mankind to be stripped from us by a bunch of eco-facists."
- Ron Arnold, Boston Globe, January 13, 1992. "New, militant antienvironmentalists fight to return nature to a back seat."

VOICE OVER: "Arnold's followers consider this a battle for personal freedom."
ARNOLD: "And that sword has two purposes: to carve out a niche for your agenda, to reshape the American law in your image; and, kill the bastards."

INTERVIEWER: "Describe yourself as you would like others to think of you."
ARNOLD: "As I would like others to think? People in industry, I'm going to do my best for you. Environmentalists, I'm coming to get you."
- Ron Arnold, Interview, CNN, May 30, 1993.

"Facts don't really matter. In politics, perception is reality."
- Ron Arnold, Outside Magazine, December 1991.

Brian McKenna