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Re: E-M:/ 10/2/03 Lansing State Journal story Links eco-terrorism with 'anti-...

At 05:51 PM 10/4/2003, you wrote:

Who is Ron Arnold?

We know he was a key source in the
Lansing State Journal's front page article of October 2, 2003 red-baiting those environmentalists who are anti-capitalist. And we know he's Executive Vice President of the group called Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise (ironically a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

The U.S. media hardly ever does its job these days.... Part of it, I think,
is the loss of the "investigative news" function in favor of "news
as entertainment."

A kind of high water death of the news media was the behaviour of the
Washington press corp at Bush's "scripted" news conference before
the Iraq War.

However, there is hope....you can go to media outside this country
to hear about what is going on inside.  

Did any of you hear about this story from major media about
how Arnold Schwarzenager conspired with Enron's Ken Lay and
junk bond criminal Michael Milken to favor cheating electric

On this weekend, this should be the most important political story in the
national news media, but it is no where to be found.....fairly shocking
political news to say the least.....   .....not Arnold's Hitler-Envy
and career groping behaviour


By the way, one of the best ways to actually keep up with what is
going on and get through the lies and the news banalities is to
look at this site every single day..... 


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