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Re: E-M:/ RE: / Meijer Orders Activist Arrested For Wearing Ask Me About Ice ...

Some friends asked me why I have not had posts recently to EnviroMich.  Well folks - there have been a lot of personal exchanges; more about rhetoric than productive exchanges.  I don't mind if you wish to banter with each other personally but save the rest of us.  There are lots of issues I wish to track and one or two exchanges are both informative and interesting - but ENOUGH!  Let's concentrate on substantive comments. We have lots of work to do.  At lease save "niceties" for personal exchanges as opposed to cluttering up EnviroMich.  One or two exchanges are "legit" but this is ad nausium. 
This is not intended as a slam - just some constructive critique - and I know how tantalizing it is to "get into it" - been there and done it myself on occassion:>)