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Re: E-M:/ Re: Today's Gongwer-Redemption Centers

Enviro-Mich message from Barbara Jean Madsen <bjmadsen@umich.edu>

I fully agree that stores that sell beverages in returnable bottles should
be required to accept the empty bottles.  However, I can also see some
usefulness in having some additional return centers, for two reasons.
First, stores do not have to accept bottles for any brand or even
particular variety of product that they don't sell, so it's necessary to
either remember where you bought a bottle, or find another store that
accepts that  brand.  On occasion, especially if I've bought something
while travelling elsewhere in Michigan, I can't find a local store to take it
back, so I've had to put the bottle in the recycling bin instead of
getting my deposit back.  Also, it seems as though some economies of scale
could be possible for larger-scale return centers, at least in
heavily-populated areas.

Also, empty bottles generated at places like parks or sporting events are
often thrown away simply because people don't want to haul the empty
bottles home and have no where to either return or recycle them on site.
So perhaps having mini-return centers at places like larger parks (state
parks, Metroparks, etc.) and temporary return centers at large sporting
events (like college football games!) could result in higher rates of

--Barb Madsen

On Fri, 24 Oct 2003 Cubbagec@aol.com wrote:

> Steve,
> Regarding your comment
>     " If stores were not able to make a profit on returnable beverages, then
> I guess the average Kroger would not have an entire aisle or two devoted to
> sodas, whose bottles they're presently required to collect."
> Nicely said!!  Sometimes we forget to look at the obvious actions of people
> or businesses instead of their rhetoric:>) to gain an advantage.
> Regards,
> Chuck
> Regards,
> Chuck

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