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E-M:/ does anyone care?

Does anyone care that the last remaining forested wetland in Chesterfield Township and one of only two left along the American side of Lake St. Clair is being destroyed? This is happening now! There is no time left, we need help immediately. Everyone in the environmental community knows the problems facing Lake St. Clair and by destroying this wetland, we add to the problems. Just being informed does not help. Debating the meaning of riparian rights does not help stop Ice Mountain from taking our ground water. It is time for action not for more debates, summits, commissions, gatherings and all get togethers that do nothing more than have everyone agree that something needs to be done. I have attended enough meetings, of all sorts, to see that there isn't much disagreement on the problems. The difficulty lies in getting people to help one another with their problems. I have spent enough money attending gatherings where everyone shakes their heads and say" that is a shame". Of course it is a shame and in my opinion, criminal, to allow the further destruction of our most precious resource, WATER. In a few years people will be debating if we should sell our water to help the state financially. NO,NEVER! We must help one another now!!!
Nancy Orewyler     tworewyler@peoplepc.com