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RE: E-M:/ Web site for wetlands preservation?

We at Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council are in the process of improving a website that we secured years ago to be the home of the Michigan Wetland Action Coalition (www.michiganwetlands.org).  Currently this site features the latest edition of the citizen's guide, "Michigan's Wetlands – Yours to Protect," which is a valuable resource for wetland advocates.  We would like to volunteer this site as an appropriate place to incorporate the ideas expressed below, as well as other ideas that may come up. 


Please send comments about what you think the website's functions should be (message board, action alerts, etc.) and direct information you would like to see on the site (background info, pictures, etc) to chrisgrubb@watershedcouncil.org.


We are also preparing to launch the bi-weekly Michigan Wetlands Action Coalition e-newsletter to highlight pressing wetland issues.  In the past Tip of the Mitt has sent out hard copies of action alerts, but in this day and age we need to better utilize electronica, and will primarily be using the e-newsletter to communicate.  Please send me your email address if you would like to receive the newsletter. 



Chris Grubb, Program Assistant

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

(231) 347-1181 ext. 118



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Subject: Re: E-M:/ Web site for wetlands preservation?


I also think it is a good idea. However, with several wetlands battles taking place across the state, with more to come, I would suggest a site that would incorporate all the wetlands in need and those who are fighting to make a difference.


Each group of folks could have a section. This also would allow for folks to share insights, struggles, what has worked, what has not, etc. The state of Michigan also has very weak wetlands laws and regulations. If those working on wetlands issues could come together and fight the fight, our remaining wetlands will be much better off.


Sarah Roberts
Macomb County Community Organizer
Clean Water Action / Clean Water Fund

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Subject: E-M:/ Web site for wetlands preservation?


Gabe Dull suggested we establish a web site to post information about the wetlands/hydrogeological questions we have/"the fight".


It's a great idea.  I don't know of anyone with the skills to do so, so I'm spreading his good idea and hoping someone can suggest a free server or other cheap way to get something up on the web.  Pictures could be included (I have a lot on disc), email contact information, suggested people to write to with our concerns (and groundwater concerns for Michigan) etc.




Nancy Hebb