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Do hunters actually eat these birds? I'm sitting at my computer, while outside my window several doves are bobbling around my bird feeder. They look to have about 6 ounces of meat between the two of them. The image of grown men donning camo, strapping on the ammo and venturing bravely forth to bring home a string of....well almost pigeons... would surely be funny if not so sadly bizarre. Muskegonites, call Rep. Farhat today!
Diana Jancek
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Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2003 11:21 AM
Subject: E-M:/ Re: Dove Hunting bill

Dear fellow environmentalists,
One of the arguments I have heard as to why dove hunting should be allowed in Michigan is because 39 other states allow dove hunting.  Why, in the world,  should this make a difference as to why dove hunting is allowed in Michigan?
Many other states allow the death penalty, does that mean that Michigan should allow the death penalty? No.  If other states make unwise decisions, does that necessarily mean that the State of Michigan should make the same bad decisions? I truly hope we are wiser and more futuristic-looking citizens here.
Please let your senator and state representative know today that we do not want a dove hunting season here in  Michigan.  Tell them not to support House Bill 5029.
Connie Zatsick