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E-M:/ Response to Dove Rally

Dear Enviro-Mich readers,


In response to Connie Zatsick's comments on the dove rally posting:


First of all, no one at MUCC asked for this to be posted on Enviro-Mich, a member or other interested individual must have asked for it to be posted.


Secondly, MUCC has access to Enviro-Mich because we have worked to conserve Michigan's natural resources since 1937.  Yes, we are pro-hunting, but hunters were the first conservationists in this country.  They pour millions of dollars into the coiffeurs of state government's across the country for wildlife management and habitat protection.  Please also don't forget the millions of other environmental issues MUCC works on - you can't enjoy hunting without clean waters, clean air, open space and a healthy wildlife population.


Thirdly, if you think the dove is a docile non-game like bird, you haven't spent much time in the fields and woods.  Yes, they are docile in your backyard, but these animals have learned to accept humans and feel safe around them.  So do all the squirrels, rabbits and deer you see in your yard.  We've hunted these for centuries as well and they act far different in our fields and woods.


Fourthly, Michigan was founded on the fine tradition of hunting.  It is a wonderful sport that puts food on our families' plates.  The mourning dove has long been recognized by the Federal Government as a game bird - it is hunted in 39 other states.  Why should Michiganians be deprived of a hunting opportunity enjoyed by over 2.5 million others?  If you don't want to hunt mourning doves, that's fine.  But there is no scientific reason why they should not be a game bird in Michigan.  Their population is abundant, and people in nearby states like Ohio, Illinois Indiana and Wisconsin are hunting the birds that migrate there from Michigan anyway.  The dove’s breast meat is a succulent dish, and two to four birds make a meal.


Anybody interested in learning more facts on the hunting of mourning doves will find an extensive Q & A sheet on our Web site, www.mucc.org


Amanda Hathaway

Public Relations Manager

Tracks MagazineTM Editor

Michigan United Conservation Clubs

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