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Re: E-M:/ RE: / Response to Dove Rally

I have great respect for MUCC affiliates, Representive Tabor, and with hunters, fishers in general ( I have been a hunter and am a fisher).  However, this issue has spun out of control for many years.  It has polarized those who feed them vs. those who kill them. 
Facts:  20 species of mamals are avialble to be harvested, granted requiring licences, season restrictions, bag limits, etc.   24 species of  birds are classified as game with similar restrictions.  Why all this passion toward legalizing one more? 
Hunters go to Montana to hunt elk, Nova Scotia to hunt Moose, why not driving to Indiana to hunt Mourning doves if that's your fixation?  Particularly since it so mobilizes anti hunters to fight against even currently legalized hunting?