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Gov Milliken was and is one of the most respected politicians this state has ever been privileged to call "ours"  - whatever one's perspective - slamming Gov Milliken is unwarranted - I recall speaking to him at the first MEC award gathering and noting that he brought to the Governor's office a degree of civility, honor and respect that we have never regained - that is a legacy that anyone should be proud of - of course being in politics opens anyone up to criticism - and he is no exception.  During the Pigeon River debate he was criticized because someone suggested he yielded to Helen's desire to protect the Pigeon River so he has been criticized before.
By the way I have known Marty Fluharty for almost 25 years and MEC is to be congratuleted for honoring her many contributions - she is a special person.    Noting Chuck Cubbage's comments I am sorry I was unable to attend.
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Speaking just for myself (not the Michigan Environmental Council where I work ) a brief counterpoint to Mr. Ambrose:  letting the perfect become the enemy of the good is a wonderful approach if you live in an ideal world.  Bill Milliken's tenure as governor was imperfect (as Mr. Ambrose points out). But he did some good things along the way--sometimes because of crisis like mercury in the lakes and PCBs--and by way of comparison with his successors was a downright champion on the environment. He did things like appoint Marty Fluharty to the Michigan Environmental Review Board and it was Marty we were honoring Monday night.

Frank Ambrose wrote:
Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>

Did the folks present ask the former governor if he
has since moved down to the hamtramck area to enjoy
the trash incinerator that he helped ensure would stay
in operation. Remember it was him who reclassified the
toxic waste it was producing to "special waste"
allowing it to continue to operate, pollute and kill
the residents of detroit. 

It is funny in a sick sort of way that now, this man
who greased the wheels for the worlds largest trash
incinerator, is being recognized as an environmental

--- Patrick Diehl <patmec@voyager.net> wrote:
Thank you for the message, Chuck.  Glad you were
here.  By the way, Diane
Hebert - not "Herbert" - received the 2003 Petoskey
Prize for Environmental

Thanks again.

Patrick Diehl
Associate Director
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette Drive, Ste. 2A
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  In case you missed it, it was a great evening at
MEC headquarters!!  I
haven't had so much fun since before the previous
administration was
elected.  It was like old home week and two great
women were honored, Diane
Herbert and Marty Fluharty.  It was a real pleasure
to see them receive well
deserved recognition.  I was also reminded of how
much Gov and Mrs
Milliken's continuing support of sustainable
Michigan resources has meant.
We are fortunate to have all these treasures

  And Wow! the environmental staying power in those
rooms.  Brought back
some memories but with Steve Chester's presence, we
will have new ones and
they are already underway.  Awesome!! You just have
to make the one next
year if you missed this one!!  It was a pleasure to
be there.



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