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At 02:26 PM 10/30/2003, you wrote:

>Frank Ambrose wrote:
>>Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose 
>>Did the folks present ask the former governor if he
>>has since moved down to the hamtramck area to enjoy
>>the trash incinerator that he helped ensure would stay
>>in operation. Remember it was him who reclassified the
>>toxic waste it was producing to "special waste"
>>allowing it to continue to operate, pollute and kill
>>the residents of detroit.
>>It is funny in a sick sort of way that now, this man
>>who greased the wheels for the worlds largest trash
>>incinerator, is being recognized as an environmental

To Frank Ambrose goes the "Enviro-Mich Ignorance
of Michigan Politics and History" award for these
comments attacking Bill Milliken.....  a governor
whose environmental protection/conservation shoes
have yet to be even close to be filled by anyone before or
after his tenure.

Everyone who knows anything at all about the Detroit
Incinerator and Michigan political history knows that
the Detroit Incinerator was permitted in 1984 after Milliken's
term ended.   Further, that it was former Gov. James Blanchard
and Mayor Coleman Young that rode herd in favor of the Detroit
Incinerator project after its permitting came up for review for
errors in control technology determinations and when all of
the incinerator projects ran into trouble on the incinerator
ash waste disposal issue.

Milliken wasn't perfect.   He let B. Dale Ball and the Agriculture
Dept. mob run lose on a long leash when the state should have
come down much harder/faster on the massive polybrominated biphenyl
contamination of Michigan farms by the Michigan Farm Bureau

But this was Milliken's only major glich in my opinion.   His leadership
on environmental law and the 1970's era cleanup efforts hasn't been
seen either before or since.

Frank,.....better bone up on Michigan environmental history before
launching attacks like this on a great Michigan environmental hero
like Milliken.   A good start would be to read Dave Dempsey's book,
Ruin and Recovery....otherwise you run the risk of being labelled as
a Hoosier carpetbagger.....

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