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Lead shot is prohibited for waterfowl hunting, but is still the preferred shot for all upland hunting.  The reasons for the different treatment (as I understand it) is two-fold.  First, waterfowl hunting tends to concentrate the shooting (as resulting ammunition deposits) into small areas, and tends to involve much more shooting (and missing) than other types of hunting.  Secondly, and more importantly, lead shot falling into the relatively shallow water where duck hunters tend to shoot was entering the food chain more readily than is likely to occur in upland hunting situations.
Where the use of lead shot continues to be a management problem tends to be at shooting clubs, where lead shot is concentrated.

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>It is really very simple. The mourning dove is a songbird, and people do
>not think songbirds should be gamebirds. If you understand why songbirds
>are protected, you have the answer to your question.
>--Rane L Curl

Can someone please verify that lead shot is still commonly used
in ammunition for hunting.....??   I was under the impression that there
were controls on lead shot for duck hunting but not upland hunting.

I don't have strong feelings about hunting of doves either way.   What rankles
me is the continued use of any lead shot at all....anywhere, anytime under
any circumstances at all.

I don't care about hunter arguments about lead shot not having the "killing
power" of steel shot.

As far as I'm concerned, hunting/sport dissemination of lead shot over the
countryside in the name of "sport" is completely unjustified, broadscale
lead contamination of the environment with no redeeming benefit at all.

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