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E-M:/ The Meatrix!

Folks:  Who says that factory farm protests don’t lend themselves to humor and the action movie genre!  Check out this site, which will be of interest to anyone in Michigan working this issue!



Heard of the Meatrix yet?  Watch this great flash movie on factory farming at:


The Meatrix is a two-minute flash animation that spoofs the popular Matrix movies. But instead of Keanu Reaves, the Meatrix stars a young pig, Leo, who lives on a pleasant family farm ... he thinks. Leo is approached by a wise and mysterious cow, Moopheus, who shows Leo the truth about modern farming -- the truth about the Meatrix!

The film describes the problems with factory farming and offers viewers a solution - the final page of the flash directs viewers to the Eat Well Guide, a national online directory of sustainably-raised meat, which is available at


If you like the Meatrix and/or the Eat Well Guide, we only ask for one thing in return that you send them on to all your friends!

Enjoy the show!

The Meatrix
A collaboration of the
Global Resource Action Center for the Environment
(GRACE) and Free Range Graphics

There is also a link to Sierra Club's web site about our campaign to stop factory farm pollution.  Check it out at http://www.sierraclub.org/factoryfarms/