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E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Council Capitol Update - 11/4/03

The Land Use and Environment Committee has scheduled a hearing for Wednesday (11/5) at 2 pm or after House session in room 326 of the House Office Building to take testimony on the following bills regarding solid waste management in Michigan:

HB 4296 -  Bans from disposal in landfills --electronic equipment containing cathode ray tubes.

HB 4297 -  Bans from disposal in municipal solid waste incinerators -- electronic equipment containing cathode ray tubes.

HB 4688 - Deletes a provision in law that prohibits the disposal of out-of-county solid waste unless provided for in county solid waste management plan (U.S. Supreme Court nullified provision as it applies to out-of-state waste -- this bill eliminates the requirement to have out-of-county waste in the solid waste management plan).

HB 4691 - Changes the law as it pertains to landfills inspections -- who participates and how current fees are allocated among department duties -- (Substitute expected to be introduced in committee.)

HB 5234 - Regulates the disposal of solid waste in landfills to limit waste that does not meet our standards - similar to SB 502 as passed by the Senate, but includes a overly- broad new loophole for "solid waste composed of the same type of materials or substance ... that meets the requirements for disposal in a landfill under this part".  This provision would nullify the beverage container ban included in SB 498.

HB 5235  - Requires that solid waste haulers notify their customers of the list of banned items.

HB 5236 -  Requires voter approval for a local unit of government to impose a waste reduction of recycling surcharge on its residents.

HB 5237 - Limits the imposition of any recycling or waste reduction fee to actual households and not vacant property.

SB 57 -  Allows the Director of the MDEQ to issue an order limited the movement of solid waste within the state or from outside the state if it poses a health risk to Michigan residents.

SB 497 -  Defines beverage container for purposes of the proposed ban.

SB 498  - Establishes a list of banned items from landfills.

SB 499  - Provides for an inspection program for Michigan landfills.

SB 500 - Increases the fines and penalties fro certain solid waste law violations.

SB 502  - Allows for the establishment and compilation of a list of jurisdictions that ban the same items from landfills that Michigan does.

SB 506 - Establishes a two year moratorium on the construction of new landfill capacity in Michigan with certain exceptions.

SB 557 - Require landfills to report remaining capacity to the state.

SB 715 - Allows for local unit of government to assist the department in enforcement efforts.

Submitted by:

James Clift
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette, Ste 2A
Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 487-9539