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E-M:/ Sibley Prairie Important Action!

Brownstown Township is updating its master plan. Tomorrow night public input is needed. 6:30 - 9:00 BE THERE!!!!
Location: Brownstown Township offices, 21313 Telegraph Road just south of King across from the Sibley Prairie. The supervisor, Art Wright says "our goal is to get the community directly involved in shaping our preferred future so Brownstown continues to be a great place to live, work, and play".  Lets show them what is important to us . . . preserving natural habitats, farmland and open spaces!!!
If we don't vouch for preserving open space and land preservation, especially saving the Sibley Prairie endangered ecosystem from development, then you can expect  taxes to continue to rise as we subsidize development in Brownstown. Open space should not be misconstrued as golf courses and mowed parks. I am talking about real preservation of habitat and wildlife corridors. Every dollar the Township earns from development tax revenues is spent on infrastructure, along with an added 50 cents on the dollar they have to come up with because developments are being subsidized. Saving open space keeps your taxes lower .
The newspaper is plastered with requests for assessments for stormwater retention ponds and street lighting. This is all coming out of your wallets folks. Retention ponds are replacing wetlands, street lights are replacing 300 year old oak trees. Then there's the natural capital that is lost when forests are cut down, wetlands are drained, and natural areas are paved over. Things like stormwater retention, groundwater recharge, and air purification.
Additionally, there's no agricultural zoning left in the Township, in spite of the fact that there is still farming going on all over the place. Everything has been zoned for industry and housing developments. Agricultural lands actually earn money instead of costing money. They don't need the same kinds of services that housing developments need. 
Think about these issues as you offer your comments on the master plan Tuesday.