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E-M:/ Bill to ban the Disposal of Electronic Waste in Landfills Passes Michigan House


Thursday, November 13, 2003

Contact: Chris Kolb

Phone: (517) 373-2577


Kolb Bill Banning Disposal of Cathode Ray Tubes in Landfills Passes Michigan House


            LANSING – State Representative Chris Kolb (D-Ann Arbor) today announced that his bill banning electronic devices that contain a cathode ray tube (CRT) from disposal in Michigan landfills passed the Michigan House of Representatives.  House Bill 4296 enjoyed bipartisan support, and passed the House by a 98-6 vote.

Cathode ray tubes are vacuum or picture tubes that convert an electronic signal into a visual image.  They are often called “picture tubes.”  Items containing CRTs include television sets, computer monitors, video monitors and even some camcorders.  

“If we don’t do something about this now, high-tech trash will become a major catastrophe to our air, land and waterways,” Kolb said.  “Failure to ban these items will have grave consequences down the road.  Already, 40 percent of the lead in landfills is from consumer electronics, and that number will only continue to increase.  Keeping cathode ray tubes out of our landfills not only protects our environment, but also the health of Michigan citizens.”

Kolb has also introduced legislation that would ban the incineration of devices containing CRTs in Michigan – House Bill 4897.  That bill is poised to pass the House in the near future.

“In protecting our environment, we are ultimately protecting ourselves,” Kolb said.  “Banning the disposal of cathode ray tubes is a great first step on the journey to a safer environment.”

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