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Enviro-Mich message from Lowell Prag <lprag@mail.msen.com>

On Sat, 15 Nov 2003, kcumbow wrote:

> Dear Lowell,
> I saw this exchange on Enviro-Mich from January. I have friends in the
> Sarnia Chippewa Band who want to stop an ethanol production plant from
> coming in next door to them. (Bear in mind the reserve is immediately
> downwind of Chemical Valley, about 70 factories, mostly petro-chemical,
> including oil refineries.)
> Just wondered if you know any of the folks in West Olive, or anyone else
> that has information that could be useful.
> Thanks,
> Kay Cumbow

Hello Kay,

I am posting this back to the EM list, as I don't know
anyone in West Olive but others might be able to help you.

As I said before:

There is a certain insanity in using farm land to
produce fuel, when half the world is still starving.

Your concern might also be the environmental affect on the immediate area,
by having such a facility. Again, I don't know the answer to that but I
imagine it would be similar to the smell of living next to a corn mash,
bootleg whiskey factory, as ethanol is the same alcohol in that whiskey.

In addition, there is the problem of how to recycle the organic waste. A
large facility would require anaerobic tank digestors to compost the waste
and in the process, obtain methane gas which also can be used as fuel.

Such digestors are relatively expensive but without them, the overall
efficiency of the facility, is greatly reduced and just adds more organic
waste to our already overburdened, non-composted, organic waste stream.

Last, given that I live about 1/2 mile in Detroit, from the new fuel cell
research center and given that I have long been a proponent of fuel cells
and a hydrogen based fuel economy to power the fuel cells, are all the
more reason why I oppose ethanol production, as hydrogen in the perfect,
non-polluting, renewable fuel and our money would be more wisely spent on
developing a hydrogen infrastructure to meet our future needs, with the
hydrogen produced from water, using non-fossil fuel energy to extract it.

Eventually, we will proceed in that way, when the fossil fuel industry
deems it permissable and stops the distortion of the political process
through their lobbying power, but the question is:

will it be before or after we meet the point of no return from the
irrevocable damage to the Earth's climate from greenhouse gases and
global warming?


Lowell Prag

> Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 12:19:44 -0500 (EST)
> From: Lowell Prag <lprag@mail.msen.com>
> Subject:Re: Local ethanol-production plant
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> Enviro-Mich message from Lowell Prag <lprag@mail.msen.com>
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> This topic has come up before.
> There is a certain insanity in using farm land to
> produce fuel, when half the world is still starving.
> Lowell Prag
> On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 HAMILTREEF@aol.com wrote:
> > Local ethanol-production plant is in early talk stages
> >
> > OLIVE TOWNSHIP -- An agricultural township between Holland and Grand Haven
> > soon could become a site for the production of ethanol, a fuel made of corn
> > and other agricultural byproducts.
> >
> >
> http://www.mlive.com/news/grpress/index.ssf?/xml/story.ssf/html_standard.xsl?/
> >
> > base/news-1/1043250430206380.xml

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