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E-M:/ Fw: Important! Governor wants to Close down MSU Extension!! Please Help Write Letters!!!!!!!!!!!

Enviro-Mich message from "Peggy Malnati" <p.malnati@sbcglobal.net>

We all know that Gov. Granholm inherited a terrible mess from her
predecessor and that cuts in services need to be made.  States, unlike the
Federal Government, are not allowed to run in the red.  They have to balance
their budgets...no matter how many vital programs are cut.  However, at a
time when the Federal Government has cut back on so many programs that used
to form the social safety net for the oldest, poorest, sickest, and most
disadvantaged of our citizens, I believe it's incredibly important to
preserve what programs we can at the state level.

Gov. Granholm has just announced that she plans to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE -- 
not just cut back, but take away entirely -- both County Extension and the
Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station.

Many of you already know that our County Extension Agencies offer so many
important programs that serve the community every day, from Master
Gardeners, to Gardening Hotline, Gypsy Moth Suppression, the new problems
with Emerald Ash Borer and West Nile, family nutrition, 4H program for
youth, the Youth Leadership Program, and even the State Fair.  There are
also new programs in the works that will help young parents build better,
more stable
relationships for their children, and programs that help single men learn to
cook nutritious and inexpensive meals.  County Extension provides
programming in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

The MSU Agricultural Station also provides vital research and support to our
farmers, already
burdened by falling crop prices and loss of overseas markets.  The Ag
Station does research on issues like pesticide reduction, control of insects
like Gypsy Moth and Emerald Ash Borer, improving water quality, and food

Both programs are interconnected.  Neither program gets any funding from
tuition hikes at MSU.  And both programs rely on matching state and federal
funds.  If state funds are removed, there will be no matching federal funds,
and the programs will die.  Remember folks, it takes years to get programs
like these up and running.  And research doesn't stand still.

Michigan State was our nation's very first land-grant college.  Its County
Extension programs are actually very cost effective, since most are designed
to train citizen volunteers to outreach further into the community.  The
Master Gardener Program in a great example of this.  Between 1978 and 2002,
the program trained 22,300 volunteers across the state.  As of this June,
there were 5,000 active volunteers listed on the roster.  Those volunteers
contributed approximately 200,000 hours of service in 2002, which was valued
at $3,308,000.

Please let Gov. Granholm know that you value these programs as much as I do
and that while we understand that cuts need to be made, she needs to find
other places less vital to all segments of our population.  Cutting back
these programs further is one thing.  Eliminating them altogether is

Thanks in advance for your immediate phone calls, letters, and other help!!!
Contact information is listed below should you choose to take action.

Best regards,

Peggy Malnati
Master Gardener, Activist, Citizen

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Sent: Friday, November 14, 2003 9:09 AM

> Oakland County Master Gardeners:
> We need your help more than ever before! Because of the state budget
> Governor Granholm is proposing cuts that would eliminate MSU Extension.
> is expected to issue an Executive Order before the end of this month. The
> cuts could be in effect by Christmas.
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> We need you to act quickly. To help,you can EMAIL,PHONE and WRITE the
> Governor, and our Senators and Representatives AS SOON AS
> There is a lot of information in this email because we have included
> points, links and contact information to aid you in your efforts.
> *******************************
> Tuesday night Gov. Granholm was on Ch 4 TV with her budget forum meeting
> Detroit. WDIV TV Channel 4 is taking voting input on the programs for
> possible elimination and/or cutback (including MSU Extension, Agriculture
> Research, and Revenue Sharing Payments to County Governments).
> If you would like to vote directly on the proposed cuts a link has been
> established:
> Please place a vote for one item in each category. Vote now online:
> ondetroit.com/station/2626557/detail.html
> *******************************
> Timing is important so please make these contacts as soon as possible.
> Senator Shirley Johnson and Representative Marc Shulman are very important
> legislators involved in this process.
> MSU Extension is on Governor's List of Proposed Cuts / Elimination:
> Governor Jennifer Granholm is crossing the state requesting citizen input
> regarding budget cuts she is considering. She's presenting a list of
> nineteen cuts that includes the elimination of state funding for MSU
> Extension and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station.
> MSU Extension was established as a three-way partnership between federal,
> state and local governments. The $28.6 million from state appropriations
> coupled with about $10 million in federal funds, approximately $18 million
> in county and local funds, and more than $21 million in grants.
> This means the state's $28.6 million contribution leverages an additional
> $50 million. It's an arrangement that supports our program here in Oakland
> County. Without the state's investment, the partnership supporting
> Extension would collapse and the state's land- grant education programs
> would end.
> The same would be true for the research programs conducted by the Michigan
> Agricultural Experiment Station, which not only address producers'
> challenges, but also important social issues like food safety and human
> nutrition, human and animal health and environmental quality.
> If you feel strongly about the cuts that Governor Granholm is considering,
> you have the opportunity as a constituent to make your voice heard.
> need to be made as soon as possible, as the governor indicates she will
> announce her plans for cuts by late November. Discussions will begin with
> legislators on the composition of cuts in coming days.
> To make a contact, please call, write or email our public servants as
> follows:
> Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
> P.O. Box 30013,
> Lansing, Michigan 48909
> or by phone at (517) 373-3400 or by FAX at (517) 335-6863.
> You can also utilize the email Share Your Opinion to express your views
> without expecting a response.
> This form is available at
> http://www.michigan.gov/gov/0,1607,7-168-21995-65331--,00.html
> State Senators- P.O. Box 30036, Lansing, MI 48909-7536
> Michael Bishop (R) (517) 373-2417
> Shirley Johnson (R) (517) 373-2523
> http://www.sensjohnson@senate.michigan.gov
> Gilda Z. Jacobs (D) (517) 373-7888
> Nancy Cassis (R) (517) 373-1758 http://www.senncassis@senate.michigan.gov
> Deborah Cherry (D) (517) 373-1636
> STATE REPRESENTATIVES- P.O. Box 30014, State Capitol, Lansing, MI
> David T. Woodward (D) (517)373-3818 http://www.dwoodward@house.mi.gov
> Andy Meisner (D) (517)373-0478 http://www.andymeisner@house.mi.gov
> Clarence E. Phillips (D) (517)373-0475 http://www.district29@house.mi.gov
> Paul Condino (D) (517)373-1788 http://www.paulcondino@house.mi.gov
> 37 Aldo Vagnozzi (D) (517)373-1793 http://www.avagnozzi@house.mi.gov
> Craig M. DeRoche (R) (517)373-0827 http://www.craigderoche@house.mi.gov
> Marc Shulman (R) (517)373-1799 http://www.mshulman@house.mi.gov
> Shelley Goodman Taub (R) (517)373-8670 http://www.shelleytaub@house.mi.gov
> John G. Pappageorge (R) (517)373-1783 http://www.jpappageorge@house.mi.gov
> 43 Fran Amos (R) (517)373-0615 http://www.franamos@house.mi.gov
> 44 John P. Stakoe (R) (517)373-2616 http://www.johnstakoe@house.mi.gov
> 45 John Garfield (R) (517)373-1773 http://www.johngarfield@house.mi.gov
> 46 Ruth A. Johnson (R) (517)373-1798 http://www.rujohnson@house.mi.gov
> 66 Chris Ward (R) (517)373-1784 http://www.chrisward@house.mi.gov
> If you need other assistance locating the contact information for a state
> representative or senator, you can also get this information from the web
> at: http://house.michigan.gov/replist.asp and
> .htm
> *******************************
> The following are talking points that can be used in your conversations
> our legislators:
> The elimination of state funding for MSU Extension (MSUE) and Michigan
> Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) has been suggested as part of a
> of options for dealing with the state's current budget deficit.
> These are two critical, well-established networks that are central to the
> mission of this state's land grant university. MSU Extension and Michigan
> Agricultural Experiment Station continually adapt and re-focus to meet the
> changing needs in the state for research and educational programming.
> MSU Extension--Established in 1914 under the federal Smith Lever Act, MSU
> Extension represents a three-way partnership between federal, state and
> local governments. The $28.6 million from state appropriations is coupled
> with about $10 million in federal funds, approximately $18 million in
> and local funds, and more than $21 million in grants. In other words, the
> state's $28.6 million contribution leverages an additional $50 million.
> arrangement supports faculty on campus, and Extension educators in every
> county in Michigan.
> Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station--The 1887 federal Hatch Act
> established agricultural experiment stations for the nation's land grant
> universities, applying the research agenda to issues of concern to the
> 's citizens. MAES supports faculty on campus and a network of 15 fields
> stations that tie research to specific industries and commodities. The
> million in state funds for the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station is
> matched with $5 million from federal funds, about $4 million in research
> grants from Michigan agriculture and natural resource industries and $35
> million from other public and private research organizations. In other
> words, the state's $35.9 million contribution leverages another $44
> to support the MAES research mission.
> Implications: Eliminating these two important networks would:
> Impact educational programs and applied research projects that address
> health and obesity issues, help officials and communities deal with land
> issues, teach and support parents, provide strong mentoring and other
> educational programs for children and youth (including 4-H), promote
> value-added agriculture, help protect the state's environment and natural
> resources, and control and eradicate the spread of infectious diseases.
> Halt long-term research projects affecting various agricultural and
> resource industries (including forestry and tourism) that make major
> contributions to the state's economy.
> Remove the ability to address threats to Michigan's food security and the
> health of its citizens. Key examples of current research include bovine
> tuberculosis, west nile virus, chronic wasting disease, hoof and mouth
> disease, etc.
> Negate countless collaborations in communities in which MSU Extension
> provides the educational component to complement the services provided by
> other organizations and agencies (e.g., FIA, MDCH, WIC, DNR and MDA).
> Erode the research and educational capacity at the nation's premier land
> grant university with the loss of MSUE educators and MAES scientists.
> Destroy the funding partnerships that create the state's land grant system
> of public access. These partnerships fund positions at the state and local
> level and they ensure that state and local issues are addressed.
> Previous reductions: Previous state budget shortfalls and rescissions have
> already severely affected the ability of both MAES and MSUE to adequately
> address the compelling issues throughout the state. It is important to
> emphasize that MSU Extension and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment
> Station do not receive any funding from MSU tuition revenue.
> In the past two years, MSUE had reduced workforce positions (campus and
> off-campus) by more than 10 percent and made budget reductions of 20
> on the base budget (state and federal funds).
> MAES has eliminated key faculty positions, graduate research assistants,
> research technicians. The research projects at field stations have been
> reduced. MAES base budget reductions (state and federal funds) have had
> affect of a 20 percent loss in programs in the past three years.
> *******************************
> We truly appreciate your quick response to this message!
> Please share this message with your family and friends - we hope to send a
> very loud and clear message to our Governor on this most serious matter!
> Thank you for your support and effort on behalf of MSU Extension.
> *******************************
> Carol Lenchek
> Environmental Program Coordinator
> MSU Extension-Oakland County
> 1200 N. Telegraph Rd., Dept. 416
> Pontiac, MI 48341
> Ph: 248-858-0900
> Fax: 248-858-1477
> Email: lenchekc@co.oakland.mi.us
> Michigan State University Extension
> "Bringing Knowledge to Life!"
> MSU Extension programs and materials are open to all without regard to
> color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political
> beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status or family status.

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