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Re: E-M:/ Fw: Important! Governor wants to Close down MSU Extension!! Please Help Write Letters!!!!!!!!!!!

Enviro-Mich message from "Kathy Melmoth" <melmoth@dmci.net>

I think it is important to evaluate the role of MSU Extension in rural and
urban communities beyond the Master Gardener program and 4-H, both good

 Extension personnel in both Lenawee and Hillsdale counties and MSU
Extension faculty have been major players in promoting CAFOs (concentrated
animal feeding operations) locally.
At the county level, my experience has been that they have totally ignored
and denied the water pollution from liquid manure applications to area
fields. There is no concern expressed over potential ground water pollution
from liquid manure lagoons, nor concern over health effects from stench and
emissions and the social disruption to rural communities.
In one of my conversations with a former Dairy Extension Specialist in
Hillsdale County, I was told there was no problem with CAFOs. She was
condescending and dismissive to me personally and to other people at two
public hearings.
Extension staff in Northeast Michigan, along with the Northeast Michigan
Dairy Development Council, were involved in the effort to bring "large
dairies" into a part of Michigan with Bovine Tuberculosis and with direct
connections to Lake Huron. The packet of information provided by the
Northeast Michigan Dairy Development Council notes the rich resources of
sand mined locally (for bedding) and stated: "good quality water is freely
available in the Great Lake state. There are no permits or fees required."

MSU Extension faculty personnel have been involved with the development of
CAFO technologies (sand bedding), have accused rural residents, (many family
farmers,) of wanting to live in the "bucolic past". While finally
acknowledging that there is a problem with liquid manure in drain tiles
polluting streams, rather than consider downsizing herds and dryer
technologies, and products consumers want (milk without growth hormone); MSU
Extension faculty continue to promote the large CAFOs and liquid lagoon
Since the Michigan Legislature thinks it is necessary to under fund DEQ (the
only means of enforcing environmental laws,) then I think it should consider
de-funding an institution that promotes polluting forms of agriculture.
Kathy Melmoth,
Hillsdale County
Member of Ann Arbor Farmers Market Growers Association

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