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Re: E-M:/ Discover Corp. Green Scam

When will the class-based oppression of the Downriver area ever end!  For decades we in the Downriver Detroit area have been the workers producing steel, petroleum, chemicals, salt, glass, tires, automobiles, and more so that people everywhere could have better lives.  Our area has been treated like the ugly stepsister from people in the northern and western suburbs.  And now that we have something to celebrate, something that we worked so hard for, we still have to be dissed by a guy from outside our area again?
Of course we worked with the corporations.  Where do you think the people from the corporations live? Pluto?  They live in our neighborhood!  Their kids go to school with our kids.  They want a clean, healthy, sustainable community too.  They helped us save Humbug Marsh; they helped us create the first International Wildlife Refuge in the country; they helped us create a Greenways system Downriver.  Are only the people in the northern and western suburbs good enough to have open spaces and wetlands?  
We in Downriver finally pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and tooted our own horn to say "hey, we have nice stuff here too", and this guy thinks it's some Corporate ad campaign.  Get real!  The dedicated enviros Downriver worked hard for this.  We have the best Walleye fishing in North America where people come from all over the world to fish in our tournaments with prizes of over $250,000.  We saved the last undeveloped mile of the Detroit River, Humbug Marsh, for future generations.  We have the first International Wildlife Refuge in the United States right here in Downriver.
We are proud of ourselves.  If you don't like it that we worked with our neighbors, who happened to work at corporations, too bad.  We live here.  We made our community better.  No apologies!    
Pat Hartig
Former Mayor of Trenton
Environmental Attorney
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Sent: Monday, November 17, 2003 8:59 AM
Subject: E-M:/ Discover Corp. Green Scam

The human race has worked for hundreds of years to free itself from the tyranny of religion and the jobs not done yet. We have worked nearly as long to free ourselves from the tyranny of the State and the job is never done. Now the Corporation has learned to harness the church and state into the Corporation’s enslavement of us as consumers. The “Discover Our Wild Side” brochure produced by the partners of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge for the 2003 Centennial Celebration of the National Wildlife Refuge System dose more harm than good.

When I entered Lake Erie Metro Park (LEMP) I received my copy of Discover Our Wild Side in a frosted glass looking plastic bag with logos and titles elegantly embossed on its side. I was thrown out of LEMP by the Secret Service before I had a chance to look over the brochure in much detail. Enviro-mich archives for the last week in September tell that story. I did study the brochure and as part of my report to the commissioners of the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (HCMA) told them that: “My conclusion is that the HCMA was contributing to a green wash by actively supporting one-sided propaganda touting the environmental activities of notorious corporate polluters.”

John Hartig’s posting of 13 November 2003 to enviro-mich prompted me to take another look at the brochure. Twelve of the twenty-one sponsors providing financial support to the production of the brochure were well know southeastern Michigan corporations. Pages 7, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 of the 16-page brochure are essentially corporate advertisements wrapped around an environmental activity. The brochure is actually a subtle illustration of the wealth and power of corporations. A lot of people thought independence from England would be a mistake. Allowing corporations to dictate the nature of our culture will not save the environment or the human race from extinction.

David Brooks

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