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E-M:/ Victory on the energy bill, for now

Enviro-Mich message from mowens@pirgim.org

Thank you to everyone who has called Senator Levin and Staenow about
the dirty, dangerous energy bill.

We won!! 

But it's not over yet. 

In a victory for consumers, taxpayers and the environment, the U.S.
Senate voted to reject the dirty and dangerous energy bill. This bill
would let the oil, coal and nuclear industries dig deep into our
pockets for taxpayer subsidies and give them a growing pile of
"get-out-of-jail-free" cards.

But it's not over yet - over the coming weeks the oil, coal and
nuclear industries and the Senate leadership will be twisting
senators' arms to get them to change their vote.

Please take a moment to thank Senator Levin and Stabenow and to urge
them to continue to stand strong for the public interest and do
everything they can to stop this dirty and expensive energy bill from
passing.  You can visit www.newenergyfuture.com to email them.

     PIRGIM Field Director

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