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E-M:/ Linseed Oil, Sand and other spirits

Enviro-Mich message from positive <positive@iserv.net>

Someone showed me a magazine article about a method of oiling hand 
garden tools by mixing oil and sand in a bucket, and dipping the tools 
before putting them away for the winter.

I substituted a quart of linseed oil for motor oil. It mixed about as 
easily as cement. I left a shovel in the bucket overnight. Although it 
didn't get below freezing, next day the mixture was nearly solid, and it 
took a long time to chisel the shovel out.

I tried pouring mineral spirits, as a solvent, on the chunks of hardened 
sand. It seemed to soften the chunks somewhat, but after a gallon of 
mineral spirits I gave up. I guess I didn't use water because I was 
still hoping it would work, and water obviously would contribute nothing 
but rust.

Does anyone know what went wrong? Why did the sand harden? And what do I 
do with this mess now -- is it hazardous waste because of the "petroleum 
distillates" in the mineral spirits? The local hazardous waste authority 
thought it could be disposed of with regular waste.

Chuck Neller

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