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Enviro-Mich message from "Lisa Wozniak" <lcvmi@igc.org>

thought the news in Des Moines was just as important for those of us in

> Kerry, Lieberman top environmental scores
> A White House official disregards the group's rankings, which put
> President Bush at the bottom of the list.
> Register Staff Writer
> 12/08/2003
> http://desmoinesregister.com/news/stories/c5903220/22955131.html
> A national organization that tracks politicians' voting records on
> environmental issues rates John Kerry and Joe Lieberman as the strongest
> Democratic presidential candidates.

> Dennis Kucinich is a close third with the League of Conservation Voters,
> political arm of major environmental groups.
> The league ranked all three at 90 percent or above on its scorecard based
> whether the candidates agreed with the environmental groups' political
> stands. The scoring is based on voting records, interviews, a
> and policy statements.
> The league also gives letter grades to the sitting president. At midterm,
> President Bush earned the group's first "F" grade since it began its
> in 1984.
> In related news, a policy group featuring former aides to President
> Environment2004, said Friday that the current president has the worst
> environmental record in modern history.
> The League of Conservation Voters decided that any of the nine Democratic
> candidates would perform more to the environment groups' liking than Bush,
> said League President Deb Callahan.
> "Masking his true policies with a smile and a photo-op, this president has
> amiably catered to the whims of corporate donors at the expense of our
> water and land," Callahan said.
> Dana Perino, spokeswoman for the White House Council on Environmental
> Quality, said the reports are misguided projectiles of party politics.
> "I give these groups an 'A' for partisanship," Perino said. "It's
> unfortunate that some extremists choose to hunker down in partisan
> instead of working to benefit the American people."
> Perino said the accusation that Bush is primarily interested in helping
> industries "could not be farther from the truth." She said Bush
> to clean the air and water, protect forests, repair national park
> facilities, and fight global warming all balance environmental needs with
> economic, social and cultural factors.
> The group isn't convinced. It plans door-to-door campaigns in Florida, New
> Mexico, Oregon, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota on
> of the eventual Democratic nominee.
> "Bush deserves an 'F' for his administration's reckless, relentless and
> intellectually dishonest assault on this nation's most basic environmental
> protections," the league said.
> "By couching anti-environmental initiatives in such misleading phrases as
> 'Healthy Forests' and 'Clear Skies,' the Bush administration has
> sought to create an aura of wholesomeness around policies that will only
> further pollute our air, taint our water, and deplete our natural
> resources."
> Kerry, a Massachusetts senator, led the Democratic field with a score of
> percent on a report card that considered support of clean air and water
> laws, fuel efficiency for cars, and opposition to drilling for oil in the
> Arctic, among other issues. Connecticut Sen. Lieberman came in at 93
> percent, and Kucinich, the Ohio representative, at 90 percent.
> The group also supported the records of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean,
> Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri, and
> former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois. Although retired Gen. Wesley
> Clark and the Rev. Al Sharpton don't have traditional records to score,
> group found that Clark "has staked out a series of solidly progressive
> positions on a wide range of environmental issues" and Sharpton has
> addressed lead poisoning and environmental justice issues.
> Bush didn't respond to the questionnaire or agree to an interview, the
> said.


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