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E-M:/ SWAT fundraiser

To all of the environmental community.
SWAT, Saving Wetlands and Trees of Chesterfield Township, has tried for several years to save this old growth forested wetland. As a last resort we filed a MEPA suit. We had to try because it was in immediate danger. The judge dismissed our case before it was heard in a courtroom. I thought in a democracy that it would at least be heard before any judgement would be made. I was wrong. Now we are in a position that has taken our attention away from trying to buy the last 32 acres that is for sale right now. We must pay our legal bills first. By the time we hold multiple fundraisers this last parcel might meet the same fate as the two we were trying to save from destruction. We aren't asking for large donations, although it would be great, we ask for any donation that you could make. It adds up to real money if enough people donate small amounts. We want to get to buying the property that is left but we can't. Please consider even a small donation to help us. We know everyone is involved in a worthwhile, important cause and we applaud you for your efforts. Many of you inspired us to do everything we could to save this valuable resource. During this season of giving maybe you could include us on your list of deserving organizations and mail a small amount to:
50065 Jefferson
Chesterfield, MI 48047
Nancy Orewyler
President of SWAT