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E-M:/ EPA tougher than Michigan?

Is the U.S. EPA Region 5 being tougher than Michigan's Granholm
Administration and MDEQ on proposed designations
of Michigan counties as being in non-attainment with the EPA 8 hour
ozone air quality standard?

Yes is the answer in south central and southeastern Michigan and
on the southern Lake Michigan shoreline.

But EPA is also just being silly when it comes to leaving out certain
northwest Michigan counties on the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Judge for yourself at

....although note that EPA's map of Michigan doesn't agree with what
they are saying in the documents, so read the PDF documents
instead of looking at the map.

It appears EPA region 5 is being tougher than Michigan DEQ by
insisting that Kalamazoo, Calhoun, Van Buren, Ingham, Eaton,
Clinton, Kent and Huron Counties be designated as non-attainment
when Michigan's proposal left these out.

EPA region 5 is also insisting that Lenawee, Genessee and Lapeer
counties be considered as part of the Detroit Metro non-attainment
areas because of high growth or integrated airshed considerations.

Similarly, EPA Region 5 is insisting that Kent, Allegan, Ottawa and
Muskegon counties must be considered as a single non-attainment area.

Where EPA is being just silly, however, is in failing to include Oceana
and Manistee counties as non-attainment when EPA will consider Mason and Benzie
counties to be considered non-attainment.   The truth of the matter is
that the downwind Chicago and Milwaukee plumes hit all of our Lake
Michigan shoreline counties and are fully capable of causing unhealthy
air all of the way to the north Lake Michigan shoreline and beyond.

Michigan organizations and citizens need to take note of these designations
as they will shape air pollution control and management in Michigan for the
next decade and beyond.

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