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                 U.S. EPA REGION 5 NEWS RELEASE

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ATTN PHOTO EDITOR: Digital photos (72 dpi) from the Sybill Oil cleanup are
posted online at www.epa.gov/region5/news/news03/03opa187.htm

For Immediate Release
No. 03-OPA187

Detroit waste oil site cleanup completed

CHICAGO (Dec. 15, 2003) -- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5
said today that cleanup at the Sybill Oil site, a used oil recycling
facility in Detroit, is now complete. The $1 million project, which began
in July, was paid for by a group of companies including General Motors and
Rouge Steel Co.

The site, at 111 Military Road, was brought to EPA's attention by the city
of Detroit and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

"EPA needed to take action because of the potential for hazardous run-off
from the site reaching the Detroit River," said Regional Administrator Tom
Skinner. "We and the other agencies also were concerned about flammable
materials left at the site after Sybill sought bankruptcy protection in
August 2001."

The cleanup, supervised by a Grosse Ile-based EPA Superfund emergency
response team in consultation with MDEQ, included disposal of 26
above-ground storage tanks, 36 tons of bulk waste, 1 million gallons of
waste liquids, more than 200 chemical drums and other containers, and a
laboratory area. Throughout the project, air quality along the site border
was monitored to ensure neighborhood safety. A few buildings and a water
tower remain at the site.

Sybill operated from 1991 to 2001. During this time it was cited by the
Detroit Water and Sewerage Department and MDEQ for air and wastewater
discharge violations. Prior to Sybill, GM operated an oil processing plant
at the site. GM was preceded by a Detroit municipal water treatment

Prior to the current cleanup, in 2002, GM and Rouge Steel voluntarily
removed and disposed of 1.3 million gallons of wastewater and waste oils
from tanks and containment areas. In January 2003, EPA sealed off eight
sewer drains to prevent releases of oil and upgraded locks and fences at
the site.

The group of companies that paid for the cleanup includes General Motors,
Rouge Steel, Ford Motor Co., Detroit Diesel Corp., all of whom sent used
oil to the site for recycling, Sybill Inc., and the estate of V.V. Madias,
the owner and operator of Sybill (also known as SRS Inc.). Under the terms
of an administrative order on consent in which the group agreed to perform
the work, EPA waived $56,000 in investigative and emergency containment
costs it had already spent on the site.

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