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E-M:/ proposed EPA Rule would cease cradle to grave haz waste tracking

From our national Sierra Club office in D.C.  ~~Rita



1. Is that Waste Still Hazardous?


A rule recently proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would

alter the definition of hazardous waste in a way that eliminates existing

federal controls over an estimated 1.5 million tons of waste generated at

nearly 1,750 facilities across the country, according to the EPA.


The proposal would create broad, unprecedented exemptions to the Resource

Conservation and Recover Act's (RCRA) definition of solid waste, declaring

that materials currently deemed "hazardous wastes" that are generate and

reused or reclaimed within broad industrial groups will no longer be

regulated as wastes.


In place of the current program's extensive "cradle to grave" tracking

system, which ensures proper handling of hazardous substances from their

point of origin to its final treatment, storage or disposal, the new rule

would allow substances to be shipped across the country or overseas,

without federal oversight to ensure proper handling.


These changes will save companies money, but cost our communities.  In the

text of the proposed rule, the EPA openly admits that their action "is not

based on any analysis of health or safety risks."


Contact the EPA today and let them know that deregulating 1.5 million tons

of waste puts corporate desire over our safety and is not acceptable.  All

comments are due by January 26, 2004.


Comments may be submitted by mail to:

OSWER Docket

Environmental Protection Agency,

Mailcode:  5305T 1200 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.

Washington, DC 20460

Attention Docket ID No RCRA-2002-0031


To view the text of proposed rule, visit