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Re: E-M:/ Judge this for yourself......

I agree with Jack. Also, citizens like Terry and myself have been fighting hard for many years for just a little justice for Michigan citizens and the Michigan environment, even when existing laws were clear.  I found that our worst opponent was Michigan government that persists in doing nothing, and so far I haven't seen that this has changed.
I am still waiting for much of a visible sign from the Granholm admin that the campaign promises will be pursued.  I recognize that she inherited a terrible mess, and I recognize that the Republican legislature couldn't give a damn based on their daily actions, but when will we see a sign?
I am most disappointed regarding this slap to what is decent.  I have been pushing for 8 years for water consumption legislation, or for just enforcement of existing regulations that were being broken every day.  What has occurred?  Nada.
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Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 8:27 PM
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I am disappointed to read that the Granholm Administration and the DEQ Director advocate staying Judge Root's decision.  I see no benefit in their action.