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E-M:/ Envir Indicators report

Date:         Thu, 18 Dec 2003 13:20:37 -0500
From:         Ruth Hartwig <hartwigr@MICHIGAN.GOV>
Subject:      Second Comprehensive Environmental Indicators Report Released
Comments: cc: Keith Harrison <HARRISOK@michigan.gov>,
          Linda Albro-Sparks <SPARKSL@michigan.gov>
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I have been asked by Keith Harrison, Executive Director, Michigan
Environmental Science Board, to share the following information with the
DEQ Calendar listserv.

Second Comprehensive Environmental Indicators Report Released

The second comprehensive report charting Michigan's environmental
trends was released today by the Department of Environmental Quality
(DEQ) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and continues to
follow trends in important environmental indicators such as land use and
cover; mammal, bird, and fish populations; ambient air pollutant levels;
inland lake water quality; and inland lake sediment contamination among
many others.

The State of Michigan's Environment 2003: Second Biennial Report was
jointly prepared by the DEQ and DNR.  It is required under Public Act
195 of 1999 (the Environmental Indicators Act).

The report is divided into three sections: environmental measures,
programmatic measures, and emergent contaminants of concern in Michigan.
 The first section delineates the important ecological, physical, and
chemical indicators used to track the overall quality of the state's
environment, which is in keeping with the legislative mandate.  The
second section discusses additional state agency measures that are
tracked to fulfill various state or federal environmental programmatic
requirements.  The third section discusses some newly recognized
contaminants that environmental and public health experts currently have
an incomplete understanding regarding their potential for adverse
environmental and human health effects.

Copies of the report may be obtained by contacting the DEQ either by
email at DEQ-Special-Projects@michigan.gov or by telephone at (517)
335-3666.  Copies of the report also may be obtained directly from the
Internet at:



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