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Re: E-M:/ Crichton: Environmentalism is religion

If wanting to keep local natural areas intact is a religion, then I'm a believer. If my preference for wilderness instead of pavement is a sin, I'm guilty. Otherwise, I am a Christian that has reluctantly voted Republican because of their "pro-life" platform, despite my abhorrence for their generally anti-environmental agenda. The world is not as simple as inside Bray's little head.
Phillipians 4: 4-9
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Hmm, Is Rush Limbuagh Thomas Bray's mentor?
I once had it explained to me that, "Environmentalist worship God and respect God's creation earth by striving to protect it.  Republican antienvironmentalist worship money and don't respect God's earth by raping it.  God thus has a special hot environment set aside for Republicans."
Well, that ought to stir up Limbaugh, Bray, and Crichton.  I'll go hide now.

Crichton: Environmentalism is religion - 12/21/03

And when a man like Crichton, a novelist who clearly has his finger on the popular pulse, likens environmentalism to a cult religion, environmentalists would do well to take note.