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Re: E-M:/ Crichton: Environmentalism is religion

Enviro-Mich message from Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com>

Mr. Bray is doing his usual battle against strawmen.
As an example, he points out the hardships that
ancient people suffered under as proof that there's no
such thing as an environmental Eden. But what do those
things have to do with having a clean environment?
Most people who want a better environment aren't
asking for a return to a world without medicine or
technology. Instead, we are asking those who trumpet
the benefits of technology to put those improvements
to work to make the Earth cleaner, not dirtier. Why
should better technology have to come at the expense
of the environment? 

In Bray's world, environmentalists are suspicious of
or even against technology. In my view, I think many
people in the environmental community are rightfully
skeptical of claims by those who are really promoting
interests that have nothing to do with better
technology. If history has taught us anything, it's
that the "improvements" of today can be the
environmental disasters of tomorrow. Maybe Mr. Bray
would like to live downriver of Midland and enjoy the
"benefits" of the chemical industry or down stream of
some of our fine new "high-tech" agricultural
operations. Then we'll see who gets religion on the

Andrew Mutch

> Crichton: Environmentalism is religion - 12/21/03
> > And when a man like Crichton, a novelist who
> clearly has his finger on the 
> > popular pulse, likens environmentalism to a cult
> religion, environmentalists 
> > would do well to take note.

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