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Re: E-M:/ Crichton: Environmentalism is religion

Enviro-Mich message from "Tom Stephens" <tstephens@sugarlaw.org>

Does anyone have any idea what the source or basis of this opinion
apparently quoted from Crichton by Bray is?

"Nor did indigenous peoples live in a state of harmony with nature. "On this
continent, the newly arrived people who crossed the land bridge immediately
set about wiping out hundreds of species of large animals."

Without idealizing or romanticizing (or oversimplifying or inappropriately
imposing a modern western lens on) the vast history of "indigenous peoples"
and their relationship "with nature," in our context of 21st century war
against terrorism for oil and domination of the lands, oceans, air and space
by megatechnic post-industrial capitalist military power (Friedman's iron
fist of McDonnel Douglas inside the velvet glove of McDonald's), isn't this
opinion about prehistoric peoples "wiping out hundreds of species of large
animals" voiced by Bray just complete crap, or am I missing something?

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