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E-M:/ 2003 gives Governor Granholm mixed reviews.

2003 gives Governor Granholm mixed reviews.  Now what?  Will Granholm have the courage to use the Veto to a long list of bad environmental bills coming in 2004 or is she going to continue to kiss the Republicans at the last minute like she did with HB4257 beach maintenance activities.  Coming up HB4142 guts the permitting system for aquatic herbicide treatments.  Will Granholm Veto it?  In the Muskegon area we have two Republicans Rep David Farhat and Sen Gerry VanWoerkom, both supporting several antienvironmental bills on a roll with control of the house and senate.  Why should we continue to fight the sleazy characters if Granholm is not going to back us at the last minute when it counts?

Allies become Granholm critics - 12/28/03
Beyond the Michigan GOP’s attacks on Gov. Jennifer Granholm, some of her sharpest critics at year’s end are environmentalist and conservationist activists who had hailed her as their champion and now want her to practice what she preached.

“Granholm has miles of catching up if she isn’t going to be Michigan’s third
straight anti-conservation governor,” harrumphed the North Woods Call, a feisty Charlevoix-based newspaper that repeatedly hammered ex-Govs. Jim Blanchard and John Engler.


Column: Granholm's first year has a few bright spots, a few disappointments
The first year of the new gubernatorial administration is all but in the rear view mirror now and those who anticipated wholesale changes in environmental and natural resources policies from the previous 12 years are probably disappointed. Not much has happened.

Water Protection
State action in Ice Mountain case signals trouble
The Granholm administration didn't need to get involved in the Ice Mountain case but chose to anyway -- and not on the side of water. It's a dismal sign of the economic and political pressures surrounding water use in this state.