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E-M:/ Re:Granholm gets mixed reviews

Realizing that Gov. Granholm inherited a mess when she took office, I know money is tight. BUT, I can find no excuse for her and Chester to support Nestle. They had the perfect opportunity when Judge Root ruled against Nestle to come out in support of protecting the waters of our state. I don't believe that it is because 120 jobs could be lost. The manufacturing industry has lost far more jobs and I don't see much of a fuss made over that. There must be another reason but I haven't heard it.
When Hamiltreef says why should we continue to fight the sleasy characters that seek to get rich off of our natural resources I agree wholeheartedly. We fight 24/7 to protect natural resources and with no help from our government. In fact, we are usually at odds with the government whether it is local, state or federal. Gov. Granholm was our only hope for help. She has let us down. We need to tell her what we think! We need a massive letter writing campaign. Snail mail and e-mail. Everyone needs to do this and get everyone they know to do this. Politicians notice mail even if they don't read it themselves. Could she win again if the environmental community doesn't back her? There are a lot of us in this state but we are not united enough. There are hundreds of small groups fighting in their own areas as well as the larger state wide groups. We are all connected in some way by common friends or acquaintences. We could get the word to everyone in a day if we try. Let's go for it! We have nothing to lose, we are already losing. Send letters to ALL of your elected officials today!