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Re: E-M:/ Re:Granholm gets mixed reviews


I think it is pretty clear that Granholm and Chester were sending a signal to Michigan corporations that there would be no sustained environmental campaign against them. It's symbolic politics. Look, with a 7% unemployment rate, Granholm has said that jobs are her top priority. She doesn't want to discourage investment.

I totally disagree with her and Chester, and think she overreacted big time. If she continues along this road she will justifiably become person non-grata with environmentalists. We must continually remind her and Chester (who I thought had more fortitude) about this. Chester should be prepared to quit if need be. The MEC and others did a great job in  dissenting.

There are hundreds of enviro issues out there so we'll see how this all comes down in 2004. Here's hoping for a better year. . .

Brian McKenna