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E-M:/ Serious violations -- E. coli, Dec. 29,2003--Hillsdale/Len Co CAFOs

Below is a summary to DEQ of  E. coli test results, with lab data, from this Monday's sampling at sites draining CAFO manure-application fields in Lenawee and Hillsdale Counties.  It's clear nothing has stopped pollution from CAFOs.  Manure has been flowing off fields, and entering sub-surface field drainage tiles (they're in all fields, underground piping).  Tile plugs, gate valves, tillage practices -- none of it helps.  Liquid manure on tile-drained fields -- it's a no-brainer. The pipes will take contamination to streams.  We have discharges from tiles in all sorts of weather, wet to dry.  The holidays are a catastrophe, with no DEQ labs open, nobody available on days like today, New Year's Eve (exactly the same situation last New Year's Eve).  The discharges are visible, the water smells, and the bacteria counts are horrendous.

Keep demanding fines for pollution! Demand a moratorium on CAFO construction, and an end to CAFO systems as we know them -- their polluting systems of liquid waste and food production.  Fines aren't a solution, but they're one way, the only incentive at the moment, for real and systemic change in this polluting industry.

--Janet Kauffman
Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan (ECCSCM)

After moderate rain overnight Sunday, Kathy Melmoth and I sampled 12 sites Monday morning, immediately downstream from CAFO facilities/manure application fields.  11 of the sites had E. coli counts in gross violation of Michigan's water standard of 1,000/100 ml.  Bovee Drain was 47,520/100ml, and 10 other sites had bacteria levels Too Numerous To Count (TNTC).  Sites starred below (# 75,76, 77, 78 ) all had manure odor in water sampled.

2 sites listed (#19 Rice Lake Drain and #58 Bovee Drain) are downstream from VanderHoff Haley Dairy, Lenawee Co (River Raisin)
All other sites listed are associated with Vreba-Hoff, Lenawee & Hillsdale Co (Bean/Tiffin Watershed)
   note: #79 stormwater drain at US-127 is supposed to be uncontaminated stormwater
   note: V-H tile sites are flowing directly from fields with recent manure application -- ECCSCM reported several of these same discharge sites to DEQ on Dec. 23, 2003, where surface runoff of manure was occurring and sub-surface field tiles were discharging manure-smelling water.  A week later, serious discharges are continuing.

Application of liquid manure to tile-drained fields continues to be a horrendous problem for water quality.  Even with moderate rainfall, extremely contaminated liquid discharges to our streams.  

--Janet Kauffman

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Subject: surface water
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 08:53:26 -0500
From: D&A <water@daenvironmental.com>
To: Kathy Melmoth <melmoth@dmci.net>, Janet Kauffman <jkauffman@emich.edu>

#19    Rice Lake Drain    Haley Rd        TNTC
#21    S Medina Drain    Ingall Hwy        TNTC
#30    Wetland Drain     Dillon Hwy        0
#31    Durfee Crk Ext    Dillon Hwy        TNTC
#51    Tile Drain S of Donnelly    127      TNTC
#58    Bovee Drain        Whaley Rd        47,520
#73    Blue Tile @ Bee Hives    Donnelly Rd    TNTC
#75*    Tile to Lime Lk Inlet    W side Elm    TNTC
#76*    Tile to Lime Lk Inlet    W side Tamarack Rd    TNTC
#77*    Ditch to Lime Lk Inlet    Tamarack Rd    TNTC
#78*    Tile Drain        Lime Lk Rd            TNTC
#79    Storm Water Dr VH2    127            TNTC
Happy New Year.
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