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Re: E-M:/ Re:Granholm gets mixed reviews

Enviro-Mich message from fred cowles <fecowles@yahoo.com>

Jennifer Granholm is the best friend that Michigan's
environment has had in Michigan politics in a looooong
time.  Michigan Enviros need to be careful about
withdrawing support for our friends, lest we get
something much much worse.  Have patience and take a
little longer view.  I'm not saying to be quiet, but
use moderation in phrasing your responses.  Believe it
or not, the political spectrum is much more than all
green and all black.  

There is much more at stake in the ice mountain issue
than it might appear.  The governor's selected path
has the potential to lead to much greater good
state-wide than winning a minor skirmish in Mecosta

========= Fred Cowles

--- MCKENNA193@aol.com wrote:
> EMers,
> I think it is pretty clear that Granholm and Chester
> were sending a signal to 
> Michigan corporations that there would be no
> sustained environmental campaign 
> against them. It's symbolic politics. Look, with a
> 7% unemployment rate, 
> Granholm has said that jobs are her top priority.
> She doesn't want to discourage 
> investment.
> I totally disagree with her and Chester, and think
> she overreacted big time. 
> If she continues along this road she will
> justifiably become person non-grata 
> with environmentalists. We must continually remind
> her and Chester (who I 
> thought had more fortitude) about this. Chester
> should be prepared to quit if need 
> be. The MEC and others did a great job in 
> dissenting. 
> There are hundreds of enviro issues out there so
> we'll see how this all comes 
> down in 2004. Here's hoping for a better year. . .
> Brian McKenna

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