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E-M:/ Insights from former Congressman Pete McCloskey

Title: Insights from former Congressman Pete McCloskey
Pete McCloskey, a former Republican Congressman from California, has written an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times that could apply to the Republican majority in Michigan's Legislature as well as to the US Congress.  

>      Republicans May Become an Endangered Species
>      By Rep. McCloskey
>      Los Angeles Times
>      Friday 02 January 2004
>      When I served in Congress, conservatives and conservationists worked
> together in friendship. Something dark and onerous has happened since the
> Republicans took over the House. It's time for Republicans to stand up and try
> to keep the party true to its historical concept that life, liberty and the
> pursuit of happiness include the preservation of endangered species.

read the original on Truthout at http://truthout.org/docs_03/010304I.shtml

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