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E-M:/ FW: [cfrd] Letter to Benzie Patriot from TGSC

Title: Manistee lies roughly 30 miles south of Benzie County

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From: Monica Evans [mailto:imagine@betsievalley.net]
Sunday, January 04, 2004 3:27 PM
To: cfrd@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [cfrd] Letter to Benzie Patriot from TGSC


Dear Editor,


Manistee lies roughly 30 miles south of Benzie County.  Already a heavily developed industrial county, the Tondu Corporation is proposing a new coal burning plant on the shores of Lake Manistee.  Their original plan was to build the plant in neighboring Filer Township, but officials there had the foresight and intelligence to say no, sighting that the economic benefits did not outweigh the environmental consequences.

The proposed 425-megawatt plant would burn almost 2 million tons of coal per year, brought in on 13 ships per month, and would generate 450 tons of ash daily.   Emissions would include nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, airborne lead, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and mercury---causing smog, acid rain, asthma, learning disabilities, heart and lung disease, and further contaminating our fish and water. 

The Tondu Corporation says they will build a 400ft. smokestack on the plant so that the emissions will not affect the people or environment of Manistee County, but will allow emissions to float north.  We’re north. Several days very summer Benzie County is under an ozone alert watch. We assume that it’s due to all the smog, acid rain and greenhouse gases that are descending upon us from places like Chicago or Milwaukee.  Maybe we better start looking a little closer to home.

Manistee Citizens for Responsible Development is leading the fight to prevent the plant from being built. They meet weekly in Manistee.

The Traverse Group of the Sierra Club has passed a resolution to oppose the Tondu Corporation’s coal burning plant.  We urge the citizens of Benzie County to learn more and get involved, because if you think a new coal plant in Manistee County won’t affect Benzie, think again.

You can learn more at www.michigan.sierraclub.org/traverse or by visiting www.manisteecfrd.org.


Monica Evans, Chair

Traverse Group of the Sierra Club

3840 Blueberry Lane

Honor, Michigan 49640