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Enviro-Mich message from fred cowles <fecowles@yahoo.com>

 Mr. Abel,
 DEQ Director Steve Chester posted his rationale for
 supporting a stay of the order to cease operation on
 the DEQ website: 

 DEQ is not taking sides on the merits of the  issue,
just to allow operation at a reduced rate while the
issue is decided.  There were threats from some in the
legislature to weaken the environmental statutes to
allow continuation, and DEQ felt compelled to
effectively oppose such action.  Much is at stake in
this case.  While 400 gallons per minute at this site
is only a skirmish, the precedents set in resolving
the case will affect water users state-wide quite
profoundly.  DEQ has committed to take a leadership
position in forging the resolution.  At stake are not
only industrial water users like food and beverage
producers, but public water supplies as well.  
 ===== Fred Cowles
> --- Matthew Abel <attorneyabel@comcast.net> wrote:
>  On Dec 31, 2003, at 11:42 PM, fred cowles wrote:
> > ...There is much more at stake in the ice
> > mountain issue
> > than it might appear.  The governor's selected
> > path
> > has the potential to lead to much greater good
> > state-wide than winning a minor skirmish in
> > Mecosta county.
> >
> Mr. Cowles:
> Can you explain what the Governor's selected path
> might be, and how it 
> has the potential to lead to much greater good?
> To me, it just seems that she's siding with
> (foreign) corporations 
> instead of citizens.
> How can failing to stop Nestle/Perrier/Ice Mountain
> be good for Michigan?
> Matt Abel
> West Bloomfield

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